Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lynn Kasch

This has been a wonderful trip. I am sorry to have to leave and go back to work, but it is audit season!!!!

Like the Florida trip in 2005, I have enjoyed working on the projects with the Portland Housing Authority. My Dad repaired and fixed so many things for the ladies in his church. He left behind a legacy of service to our Lord that my brother and I have picked up and continued.

I really thought working on these projects would be my strong suit, but working with the children and the VBS has really been wonderful too. These children are so precious. Everyone is just beautiful to me. Today, we served lunch to many children. Some of the families have come here from Somalia and are Muslim.

The Root Cellar has been very considerate and serves hot dogs that are all beef (no pork). Peggy, our coordinator is so wonderful. She is so personable and talks to people and establishes true friendships. It is so much easier to bring the Gospel to a friend than to broadcast it over a crowd. She is truly saving one more for Je sus.

P.S. I did look at their audited financial statements. I audit not-for-profits all the time and I just couldn't help myself.