Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well it has been an adventure! What a inspiring trip. We are only 1 1/2 hours form home and you would think we were thousands of miles away. We have walked through the communities and found so many people in need of one simple thing, LOVE! I sat on Monday with the children during the opening of VBS, where we were talking about how Jesus forgives all of our sins. A young boy of about 9 years said to me "Jesus forgives everyones sins?" I replied yes everyones! He in turn said, "not mine!" So I asked him if he wanted Jesus to forgive his sins and he said "yes"! I said if that's what you want then it is done! I told him that all Jesus wants is us to ask and it will be done. His reply was "even the bad sins?" Of course I said yes, even the bad ones. The expression on his face was unexplainable! I believe that it is those unexpected moments of conversation that we can minister, and surprise even ourselves as to what we really know about our faith. Believe me, I was surprised how easily those words of encouragement flowed from my mouth.