Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 2... Jessies view

It is day two of our missions trip, and sadly, my last day. In the past couple days, I have done everything from pushing kids on the swings, to demolishing and breaking walls. All in all, i had loads of fun.

One of my favorite things was using a power washer. Every single time i turned it on, i would lean backwards due to the force of it. I used it at a senior center, and also painted and scraped the doors of the furnace rooms.

Another one of my favorite things during this trip was seeing all the little children and doing the lessons and games with all the Sudanese and Somalian children. Just looking at their faces put a smile on my face. All of them were so cute and they were all so happy. One little boy, was being teased and bullied by two other boys who ruined his craft. So he left the room crying, and i left the room with him for about an hour and a half.

I tried almost everything to make him laugh, but it didnt work until, once everyone else left, his friend came and spent time making him laugh. He left happily with a smile on his face, and so did I. So, on to the next blogger! See everyone in Massachusetts soon!